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Writing While Jamming to Music

I usually don’t listen to music while writing but I know other authors do. I spoke to a few writers at Imaginarium in July. I gave it a shot. It didn’t work out so well for me. I do better with white noise. I’m interested to know what works for you!

Music reduces stress and anxiety, puts you in a better mood, and boosts your imagination. It stands to reason that it would help you write, right?

Studies have shown that music with lyrics causes your brain to be less productive. Tasks that involve the language process and decision-making should not be done while listening to lyrics. Lyrics can cause your brain to switch its attention back and forth making it difficult to complete the tasks at hand. This even goes for studying!

However, if you listen to music before you get started, it can help set the mood you are trying to create. So, if you are in the mindset to write a murder scene, jam out to your favorite death metal before you get started! Then, switch to something simple.

Ambient noise, white noise, a crowded café, a park, and music with a simple structure such as meditation or some classical music have been shown to increase productivity. This is probably why a fan or our dehumidifier seems to work for me.

Play around and figure out what works for you. I’d love to hear from you to learn about your ideas.

Have fun and be productive!


Lynn Tincher


Associate Publisher, Stardust Romance

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