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Meeting People

It's been two months since I opened my bookstore/gift/metaphysical shop. I'm often asked why I opened another bookstore. Truth is, I missed it. I not only love being surrounded by books, writing them, publishing them, reading them, and everything other thing about them, I missed the people that crossed my path daiily.

When I owned Karen's Book Barn, I met so many wonderful people. Some were just passing through while others became regulars. I have a few friends to this day that came from it. I don't believe you meet people on accident.

Today, I met someone that was meant to cross my path. He shared his experiences with me in dealing with a child with heart failure. I won't go into his details, as this was his story to share, but he renewed a sence of peace on a stressful situation with what my sweet granddaughter, son, daughter-in-law and grandson are going through right now.

We are all here for a purpose. Even if our lives are very short, there is a purpose, a reason, to have been here. It may have been to help someone learn something or to do one little thing on earth. Coming through a traumatic situation has a purpose too. It builds "you". It's part of "your" story. Your story may, in turn, help someone else.

When we struggle with illness, injury, pain and loss, there is a reason. When we celebrate and enjoy life, there is a reason for that, too. You may not understand it at the time, but you will. Everything is a part of your human experience. Hang in there. Use every moment you live and every experience you have as a lesson. I learned today that each person in my life is there because they are supposed to be. Even if we are only together for a moment.

What did you learn today?

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