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The Devil's Mark (Autographed) by Lynn Tincher and Tony Acree

The Devil's Mark (Autographed) by Lynn Tincher and Tony Acree

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Homicide Detective Paige Aldridge has caught her fair share of killers. Yet she knows the Devil’s Mark Killer is something different. Each victim has the mark of the Devil carved into their skin. Using her powers as a Reader, she searches the Collective Conscious, searching for anyone thinking about the Devil’s mark.

And she finds someone. Through their eyes, she sees they are over the body of a woman with the same mark carved into her chest. She sends the thought for the killer to look at his license, and he does. She has her suspect - Victor McCain.

In this thrilling crossover novel featuring Lynn Tincher’s Paige Aldridge and Tony Acree’s Victor McCain, demons are on the loose and the bodies are piling up as an ancient evil seeks revenge on those who imprisoned him, as well as an unknown player who wants to destroy both Paige and Victor.

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