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How to not get sucked into a dark world.

Writing dark, emotional fiction is tough on me. I cry. I'm scared. I feel all of the emotions that my characters do. How do I not get sucked in?

There are several things that I do. Here's my top three.

Beach time

I write while on vacation. If I'm drawn in too deep, I take a moment and look up at a palm tree, or see the ocean, or look at the forest. Anything to help me get grounded again. It's amazing how the sound of the ocean or a warm breeze can bring you back to life.

Get up and move

To get the creative juices flowing and to give myself a break, I get up and move! A nice walk around the farm usually does the trick. Sometimes I will stop and spend a few moments looking at my pond. It's a grounding moment, much like the vacation option!

My last, yet best, option is spending time with my furry friends. I have four dogs, five cats, four chickens, thirteen goats, fish, and a donkey. That adds up to a lot of sweet kisses and hugs that will brighten anyone's day.

See, I'm not all murder and suspense. My real life helps me deal with the crazy worlds I create.

Much love to you all,


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