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Character Interviews: The Key to a Successful Story

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One hundred and twenty-five questions are broken out into four characters. Use your imagination. I know you have one. You are a writer. Sit down in front of your character knowing they will answer these questions with 100% accuracy. Interview each one, recording their responses. Answer each question in detail. Avoid simple yes/no answers. You can ask someone else (a real person) to answer them as well. This will help you gain a different perspective or other insights. Here is what will happen. You will gain a full understanding of what makes up your character. You will understand their motivation. Your characters will be diverse and not shallow. The answers provided will help the story write itself. It provides a resource for you as the writer and creator to check facts and prevent consistency mistakes. For instance, you will know which character has green eyes or keeps only catsup in their refrigerator.

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