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Using Journals to Overcome Trauma: Everything You Need to Know About the Power of Journaling To Help You Lead a Kick-Ass Life

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After living with a genetic heart disease called Brugada Syndrome, also known as Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome, Lynn watched herself flat-line while in the hospital. After finding out that happened 104 times, Lynn woke up! She went on a search for holistic healing methods. She developed the New You Program based on all of the things she learned that actually worked for her! She's been there, done that, and wants to help others with what she's learned. This workbook helps you through the first 30 days of journaling. The goal here is to make journaling a part of your everyday life. Make it yours. Stick with the program or design your own. JUST DO IT. The power of journaling is amazing. There are many benefits beyond healing your mind or keeping a record of events. Writing is a connection between happiness and mindfulness. Past and future stresses lose their edge when written down and looked at from a distance. When you see the words on the page, it calls you to act, not just think about it. Journaling includes your dreams and ambitions. Think of it like a blueprint for your life. Follow it, and you'll build the life you want! When you write it down, your brain thinks that it is important. So, you are more likely to achieve your goals. Studies have shown that journaling lowers anxiety, stress, and helps your sleep better. You can release the worries from the mind at night when you know it is all on paper.

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