Donkeys and goats do get along!

Posted by Lynn Tincher on August 9, 2017 at 10:00 AM
As many of you know, we raise goats on this farm. We had three baby Nubians born this year. We also had 25 chickens. Well, now we are infested with raccoons. The raccoons have destroyed my garden, ate all but one chicken, and killed two cats. We had to do something fast before they took after the goats. I'm not sure that they would, but we also have seen bobcats and coyotes up here on the farm. Wanting to protect our goats and start over on the chickens, I researched for natural ways to protect our farm. In doing so, I found that donkeys are great. They get along with goats well and will bray (alert) you if there is a threat nearby. They've also been known to stomp on and kill coyotes. My daughter's boyfriend's family raises donkeys and let us bring one to the farm. We named him Thor hoping that he could put the hammer down on some predators. Guess, what? He does just that. He has also become best friends with the goats. They look to him for protection. He even rubs on them and plays with them. It's fun to watch! Now, off to find a better solution for the chickens...

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